We are health professionals and software engineers working together to innovate and improve how healthcare is delivered. Technology combined with creativity will drive the future of healthcare for the better. Allowing better outcomes and quality of care to the world.

Our unique knowledge of having medical practitioners working clinically in the health industry allows us to understand the real problems that are occurring in health care and find real solutions.

Our Vision

To change the way healthcare is delivered and received with technology. Creating superior, safer and more accessible healthcare.

Current Projects

Our current focus is implementing a falls review software for people working with the elderly to make better and more informed decisions when reviewing someone who has fallen.

Our Aims

Significantly improving clinical outcomes after a fall by improving decision making

Standardising how all falls are reviewed in the aged care, hospital and community setting.

Greatly improving the efficiency of  documenting a fall allowing medical practitioners more time to spend with face to face care.

Apps are Available For

User friendly apps for tablet or smartphones.


Convenient and portable to be simply accessed on your phone


We are currently looking for aged care facilities to help trial our current project in Western Australia. To trial our product today contact us below for more information.